Blooms & Bows Wedding Planning

Now available for purchase in the Brand Boutique, Blooms & Bows is an elegant and modern brand identity for an event planning or wedding services small business. Featuring custom hand-drawn illustrations, contemporary and sophisticated color palette, and a large logo suite, this brand identity brings all the elegance and flexibility.

  Brand Boutique Semi-Custom Pre-Made Small Business Brand Identity Kits

Evelyn's Rollback Diner

Evelyn's Rollback Diner is a retro-inspired quick service restaurant serving nostalgia on wheels. This brand identity features a suite of hand-drawn vintage and restaurant themed illustrations that were also used for a brand pattern. The primary logo features a customized retro logotype, paired with a chunky and fun sans serif. Bright bubblegum pink and teal serve as the anchor of the modern but retro color palette.

Rook & Roll Vintage Board Games

Rook & Roll Vintage Board Games is a brick and mortar game and novelty shop rolling with the classics. Two fun retro game piece characters were created as brand mascots. A bold and bright color palette was selected to evoke a sense of fun and playfulness. The custom logotype was placed on a slant to represent movement -- the roll, if you will -- and a classic checkerboard brand pattern added to represent game boards.

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